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Welcome to our exciting world of E-bikes! At VELO DE VILLE, you are the creator of your unique dream E-bike. Our model ranges provide a solid starting point for customizing your individual E-bike. But that's not all – with our unique Custom Made concept, you can design your E-bike according to your own preferences. This ensures that your E-bike is perfectly tailored to your wishes and needs, providing you with long-lasting enjoyment. Learn more about our various E-bike model ranges and get inspired to explore the world of E-bike riding!

Allround E-Bike


Dive into the world of limitless possibilities with our unique Allround E-Bikes! If you're looking for the perfect companion for every day that ignites your sense of adventure, you've come to the right place. Our Allround E-Bikes are masters of versatility, offering you endless options to customize your bikes to your wishes.

With adjustable stems and ergonomically curved handlebars, powerful lighting systems, high-quality suspension forks, practical luggage carriers, and tires ready for any daily challenge, you'll enjoy every ride to the fullest.

Allround E-Bikes are the right choice if you...

  • Seek a loyal everyday companion that will never let you down.
  • Want to maximize your freedom when configuring your bikes.
  • Are preparing for journeys and longer adventures with your bike.

Get ready to conquer the streets with style and passion. Choose our Allround E-Bikes and make your dreams of freedom and versatility come true. 

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SUV E-Bike vor grauer Wand


Experience the best of both worlds with our innovative SUV E-Bikes! This category, known from the automotive industry, is now making its way onto two wheels. With a sporty handlebar that creates a touring-oriented riding position and wider tires for improved stability and comfort, our SUV E-Bikes are perfect for adventures off the beaten path.

Choose SUV if...

  • You want to ride briskly on wider tires and appreciate versatility.
  • You want to combine comfort and sportiness to enjoy every ride.
  • You want your bike to accompany you off-road and on exploration trips.

The road was yesterday – with our SUV E-Bikes, you're ready for new horizons. Feel the freedom and adventurous spirit with every pedal turn.

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Fully Tour

Fully Tour

Vollgefedertes E-Bike

Fully Tour

Experience the next evolution of trekking bikes with our Fully Tour E-Bikes. These models come with rear suspension that takes comfort to a whole new level. Every tour becomes an unforgettable experience as even rugged terrain is effortlessly conquered.

Our Fully Tour models come equipped with practical features for everyday use, including a lighting system, a kickstand, and wheel guards. This sets them apart from traditional mountain bikes, as they are not only designed for adventurous off-road journeys but also shine in daily urban or suburban commuting.

Choose Fully Tour if...

  • You want to maximize comfort during your rides.
  • You aim for back-friendly and relaxed cycling without sacrificing adventure.
  • Your journeys lead you through rough terrain, and you want to be prepared for every challenge.

Say goodbye to compromises and conquer the world with style and ease. Our Fully Tour E-Bikes will be your faithful companion on every journey.

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Kompaktes E-Bike


Discover the world of Compact E-Bikes - they simply offer you more flexibility on the go and incredible versatility. Whether you want to make the most of limited space while camping, catch the train quickly during your commute, or enjoy the full power on a tour - the compact KEB models have obvious advantages. Their unique design allows you to store them in a space-efficient manner and take them almost anywhere. At the same time, they offer a full-fledged riding experience without compromises.

The basic equipment already provides remarkable variability: The stem and saddle can be adjusted to your size without the need for tools. With a luggage rack and lighting, they are also perfectly suitable for everyday use. For even more practicality, you can optionally choose foldable pedals to complete their outstanding portability.

Choose Compact when...

  • You want to store your bike in a space-saving way, whether it's in a motorhome or your apartment.
  • You desire great height adjustability to tailor it to your individual needs.
  • You're looking for an agile bike that effortlessly maneuvers through narrow streets and bustling roads.

Experience the freedom that only a Compact E-Bike can provide. Configure your Compact Bike now and let flexibility become a part of your life.

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Urban Mobility

Urban E-Bike

Urban Mobility

Experience the urban mobility of the future with our Urban Mobility E-Bikes. These bikes are designed to be your ideal companions in the hustle and bustle of city life, offering countless possibilities. Whether it's the Speed 4Five, allowing you to effortlessly commute at 45 km/h, the Tour 2Five, a classic Pedelec with 25 km/h, the 6TY as an especially elegant and lightweight urban cruiser, or the FR8, your individual cargo bike for transporting loads.

Choose Urban Mobility if...

  • You live in the city or primarily navigate urban environments. These E-Bikes are perfectly tailored to the demands of urban living.
  • You want to transport loads, whether it's for groceries, your daily commute, or other needs.
  • You wish to cycle daily within and between cities without compromising on comfort and versatility.

Expand your horizons and embrace the freedom of urban mobility with our Urban Mobility E-Bikes. They will revolutionize your city life and open up new possibilities. Configure your Urban Mobility E-Bike now and experience the future of mobility.

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Tiefeinsteiger E-Bike


Experience an unparalleled riding sensation like floating on air with our Comfort E-Bikes. These bikes are characterized by their low step-through frame and an exceptionally comfortable geometry. The low step-through design allows for effortless mounting, while the battery, neatly integrated into the frame, is easily removable. With the curved handlebars, the riding position is upright and supremely comfortable, and the adjustable stem allows for a personalized fit.

Comfort Bikes are the perfect companions for short to medium rides and everyday use, especially if you prioritize comfort.

Choose Comfort when...

  • You want to effortlessly mount your bike and start your rides with ease.
  • You're in search of an everyday companion for shopping trips or short excursions.
  • You aim for the utmost comfort during your rides without compromising on convenience.

Experience an unparalleled riding sensation and enjoy worry-free journeys with our Comfort E-Bikes. Configure your Comfort E-Bike now and discover how ease and comfort enhance your daily life.

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