E-Bikes Comfort

Comfort E-Bike vor blauem Hintergrund

Experience an unparalleled riding sensation like floating on air with our Comfort E-Bikes. These bikes are characterized by their low step-through frame and an exceptionally comfortable geometry. The low step-through design allows for effortless mounting, while the battery, neatly integrated into the frame, is easily removable. With the curved handlebars, the riding position is upright and supremely comfortable, and the adjustable stem allows for a personalized fit.

Comfort Bikes are the perfect companions for short to medium rides and everyday use, especially if you prioritize comfort.

Choose Comfort when...

  • You want to effortlessly mount your bike and start your rides with ease.
  • You're in search of an everyday companion for shopping trips or short excursions.
  • You aim for the utmost comfort during your rides without compromising on convenience.

Experience an unparalleled riding sensation and enjoy worry-free journeys with our Comfort E-Bikes. Configure your Comfort E-Bike now and discover how ease and comfort enhance your daily life.


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2799 €