E-Bikes Compact

Kompaktes E-Bike vor lila Hintergrund

Discover the world of Compact E-Bikes - they simply offer you more flexibility on the go and incredible versatility. Whether you want to make the most of limited space while camping, catch the train quickly during your commute, or enjoy the full power on a tour - the compact KEB models have obvious advantages. Their unique design allows you to store them in a space-efficient manner and take them almost anywhere. At the same time, they offer a full-fledged riding experience without compromises.

The basic equipment already provides remarkable variability: The stem and saddle can be adjusted to your size without the need for tools. With a luggage rack and lighting, they are also perfectly suitable for everyday use. For even more practicality, you can optionally choose foldable pedals to complete their outstanding portability.

Choose Compact when...

  • You want to store your bike in a space-saving way, whether it's in a motorhome or your apartment.
  • You desire great height adjustability to tailor it to your individual needs.
  • You're looking for an agile bike that effortlessly maneuvers through narrow streets and bustling roads.

Experience the freedom that only a Compact E-Bike can provide. Configure your Compact Bike now and let flexibility become a part of your life.


Base price from

2799 €